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Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2024 has been held 34 times (17 times sponsored by Yubari City, 1 time sponsored by a voluntary organization, 16 times sponsored by NPO Yubari Fanta)

In the wake of Yubari City's financial collapse, We will continue to work to continue holding the event as a private initiative until Yubari City is reborn. 17 years have passed.

Although there are only three years left until financial revitalization, the film festival continues to operate thanks to the generous support of many people.

Although we will not be able to spend a large budget to hold the event in 2024, we will work with all of our supporters and visitors to make it the ``world's most fun film festival'' in Yubari City.

▶ Implementation overview 2024

Name 34th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2024
period October 24, 2024 (Thursday) - October 27, 2024 (Sunday) *Schedule is subject to change
form Real screening on screen *Schedule is subject to change
*As a general rule, Japanese works will be shown with English subtitles, English works will be shown with Japanese subtitles, and works in languages ​​other than Japanese and English will be shown with Japanese and English subtitles (with some exceptions). Scheduled to screen parts of the film online
venue to be decided
Sponsored by Yubari Fanta Specified Nonprofit Organization
Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Executive Committee


Building “all sorts of discussions” through movies

We focus on the work, shooting background, and compliance.

Screening of "fantastic movies" that fit the historical background

Fantastic works that can share dreams, hopes, and
emotions among people and social situations suffering from wars, epidemics, natural disasters, etc. Specialize

Aiming to help regional revitalization from Yubari Film Festival

From Yubari City, an advanced problem-solving area, we aim to create a bright society by continuing with the power of citizens


We will continue the
film festival in order to revitalize Yubari and develop the film industry.

From Yubari Film Festival,
We will make the world more interesting

We will interact with other countries through our works and
We will contribute to world peace


Filmmakers and movie fans gather
Japan's first resort-style film festival

The Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, which was established in Tabari City, Hokkaido in 1990, features a wide range of films from Hollywood blockbusters to Japanese films and independent films, including special invitation films, international competitions, homage screenings, and special projects. It was one of Japan's most historic film festivals, attracting films to be screened, and, along with the autumn Tokyo International Film Festival, is the film industry's winter festival.

The event will be held in July 2023, marking 33 years of history, and many celebrities including movie directors will visit Yubari and share the common language of “movies” with audiences and citizens. As an international film festival that unites and deepens passionate exchanges, we have deeply contributed to the revitalization of visual culture and regional development.

After Yubari City's financial collapse, the Yubari International Fantastic Film was re-started in 2008 as a private company, and is constantly faced with financial difficulties and the closure of the old city hall, which was the main venue. Although it is a festival, it continues to exist thanks to the power of the citizens. In addition to being the only fantastic film festival in Japan, it has become established as a major cultural event in Hokkaido.

Yubari as the "hometown" of filmmakers

The Yubari Film Festival has made a miraculous comeback after being suspended due to the financial collapse of Yubari City. This is not only due to the will and efforts of the citizens of Yubari, who believe that the Yubari Film Festival is an asset to Yubari City, but also from the common recognition of the audience, film companies, directors, and actors in and outside Hokkaido that Yubari is the hometown of filmmakers. As an important place for cultivating culture, we have received tremendous cooperation and support from many people. This can be said to be a move unique to the Yubari Film Festival.

“The more hurt and suffering a person is, the stronger and kinder they become. That is Yubari!”
-- Actor Jon Voight

“The snow in Yubari is the most beautiful in the world! It is the place where God makes the snow fall.”
--Director Quentin Tarantino

“When I came to Yubari, I really thought that Japan is great and
I'm glad I'm Japanese.”
-- Actress Yuki Kudo

“Both movies and Japan are beautiful in Yubari!”
--Director Nobuhiko Obayashi