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"The most fun film festival in the world"
Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2024

34th Film Festival Theme Map to the Future

Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2024
Work submission rules

[Overview and purpose of this film festival]

The Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as Yubari Fanta) is held in Yubari City, Hokkaido, and is organized by the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Executive Committee). It will be managed. This is the 34th time the event has been held since it started in 1990. This film festival targets fantastic films rich in imagination and entertainment, such as science fiction, horror, fantasy, adventure, action, suspense, and animation.
The purpose of Yubari Fanta is to discover and nurture new talent that has not yet been seen, and to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between countries around the world through film, and as a place where citizens, filmmakers, and audiences can communicate and meet each other. By providing this service, we aim to contribute to improving the quality of entertainment movies not only in Japan but also in countries around the world.

Article 1 Schedule

October 24 - October 27, 2024

Article 2 Screening format

Show in one or both of the following formats.
(1) Screening at the venue
(2) Online streaming screening (Online streaming screenings are only available to those who request it)
Unlimited viewing ticket for ``Fanta Passport for distribution'' 3,300 yen.

Article 3 Recruitment Department

(1) Feature category (Fantastic, Yubari, Competition) Works of 40 minutes or more
(2) Short film category (International Short Film Competition) Works of less than 40 minutes
*Considering the content and theme of the submitted work, the work may be selected for the original project category rather than the competition.

Article 4 Application conditions

(1) The work must be completed on or after April 1, 2023.
It doesn't matter if the work has been announced at other film festivals before Yubari Fanta 2024 or not, but it is preferable if it has not been announced.
(2) It does not matter whether the applicant is a professional or an amateur.
(3) The genre does not matter, such as live-action drama, animation, documentary, etc., but it is desirable that it be a fantastic work with a rich imagination.
(4) It is desirable that the director be able to participate in the film festival during Yubari Fanta 2024.
(5) Length of the work
◆Full Feature Category (Fantastic, Yubari, Competition) Works must be 40 minutes or longer.
◆Short film competition (International Short Film Competition) The work must be less than 40 minutes long.
(6) The applicant must own the copyright of the submitted work. Or be in a position where you can represent the rights. If, after passing the screening, it is discovered that the applicant does not own the copyright to the submitted work or is unable to act on behalf of the applicant, the executive committee may, at its discretion, invalidate the selection results and cancel the screening.
(7) If your submitted work uses existing video or music, or if it uses an original work (novel, manga, stage play, etc.), please be sure to obtain permission from the copyright holder before applying. . If an unauthorized copyright is discovered after the screening process has passed, the screening results may be invalidated at the discretion of the executive committee, and the screening may be cancelled.

Article 5 How to submit works

Flow of work application
(1) For domestic users, use the official payment site "base" 、 If you are applying from overseas, please enter "stores" From Pay the examination/administration fee.
(2) Fill in the necessary information using the designated form provided upon completion of payment.
(3) After confirming all items, the application will be accepted.
*If the content is incomplete or false, the application may be rejected at the discretion of the executive committee.
*Payment examination fee will not be refunded.

(1) The video file for the main part of the submitted work must be made available for viewing using a video sharing service such as Vimeo's password disclosure or YouTube's private access. , write the URL and password in the designated form.
Do not limit the viewing period.
(2) Judging and administrative fees will be 3,300 yen for each work in the feature-length category and 2,200 yen for each work in the short-length category.

Article 6 Recruitment period

February 10, 2024 (Saturday) - May 15, 2024 (Wednesday)
*Complete all work submissions under Article 5 by 24:00 on May 15th to do.

Article 7 Selection of screening works

The works that will be officially screened at Yubari Fanta 2024 will be determined by the work selection committee appointed by the executive committee. Applicants will be notified of the selection results by email around the end of June 2024. Exhibitors of selected works must submit the designated screening permit to the executive committee within one week of notification. After confirming the submission of the screening permit, the exhibitor will be given an official laurel (pdf data) for Yubari Fanta 2024.

Article 8 Infringement of Rights

In the process of production, promotion, and screening of the winning work, if it is recognized that any violation of rights, including fundamental human rights, harassment, or illegal acts have occurred, or if there is a risk of such violation. , the selection results may be invalidated and the screening may be canceled at the discretion of the executive committee.

Article 9 Jury Board

The jury is comprised of domestic and international experts invited by the executive committee for each department.

Article 10 Award

The jury will award the following awards after deliberation.
(1) Feature section (Fantastic/Yubari/Competition)
[Grand Prix] Trophy, certificate, and prize money of 300,000 yen
(2) Short Film Category (Kyoraku Pictures presents Short Film Competition)
[Grand Prix] Trophy, certificate and prize money of 200,000 yen
[Excellent Art Award] Certificate and prize money of 100,000 yen
(3) Cinegar Award Award
Certificates and supplementary prizes (goods) selected by movie writers, media people, and other critics will be presented.
A new category featuring outstanding performers from the competition.Certificate and prize money of 100,000 yen
(5) Hokkaido Governor's Award (tentative)
In collaboration with Hokkaido, the judges will select outstanding works from their own perspective and receive a certificate and a supplementary prize (rice produced in Hokkaido)
(6) Special Jury Award
The judges will select the winner from among the winning works. A certificate and supplementary prize (goods) will be presented.

Article 11 Invitation

The executive committee will bear the accommodation costs for one director of the work selected in the competition category during the period of Yubari Fanta 2024. The executive committee will stipulate the accommodation expenses.

Article 12 Use of main video

The full length of the selected works will be licensed for use free of charge at screening events planned by the executive committee during the festival period. There will be separate discussions after the film festival ends.

Article 13 Screening materials and subtitles

Sellers whose works have been selected for screening must submit digital materials in the original language with English subtitles in the format specified by the executive committee by July 15, 2024. The films will be officially screened in their original language versions with English and Japanese subtitles. However, if the original language is English, only Japanese subtitles will be shown, and if the original language is Japanese, only English subtitles will be shown. Please note that materials for distribution may be in a different format, so please follow the instructions of the executive committee.

Article 14 Materials to be submitted in addition to the main material for screening

Sellers whose works have been decided to be screened must prepare the following materials in addition to the main material for screening and online distribution.
(1) 2 main cut stills of the work, director photo
(2) Trailer/excerpt material (for publicity on TV, internet, etc.) MOV file
(3) Poster data *B2 size Data in PDF, AI format
(4) Other items specified by the executive committee
◆For non-Japanese movies, the following are also required for subtitle production
(5) Original language script, English subtitles Script, spotting list
(6) Main story file with English subtitles (MP4 or MOV file)

Article 15 Matters to be understood when screening is decided

The exhibitor of the selected work is deemed to have accepted the following.
(1) Once the screening permit has been submitted, the screening cannot be canceled.
(2) Care must be taken to ensure that a new third party (e.g. a distribution company) that appears after the agreement to exhibit the work does not overturn the agreement to exhibit at Yubari Fanta 2024.
(3) The division and screening/distribution schedule shall be decided by the executive committee.
(4) At the time of screening, the original screening material format may be changed to a different format.

Article 16 Production support money

Award winners who have been awarded production support funds will submit the prescribed payment application form to the executive committee, and payment will be made after the executive committee verifies the content. When the next work produced with the support funds is completed, it is recommended that it be shown for the first time (world premiere) at Yubari Fanta in the following year after consultation with the executive committee.

Article 17 Effect

The Japanese version of these Terms shall take precedence over all other provisions. In addition, if the terms and conditions are amended and there are additions or exclusions, the new terms will, in principle, take precedence and take effect.

Article 18 Terms of understanding

All applicants for Yubari Fanta are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
In the event that any matter not stipulated in these Terms or any doubt arises, the Executive Committee will make a decision.

Inquiries regarding exhibiting works

Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Secretariat (NPO Yubari Fanta)

3-336 Honmachi, Yubari City, Hokkaido
TEL: 0123-57-7651 FAX: 0123-57-7653
Inquiry form

Enacted on February 10, 2024